The 2022 CKM Men's Volleyball Team


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Restore the Roar LIVE!
the official Podcast of RtR

Episode 13 - Andre Speech ('93) breaks down his LabCity in Charlotte (click on pic to listen)


Episode 12 - Resumption of Play Updates with
AD Rob Feickert (click on pic to listen)


Episode 10 - 1990 Baseball Legends - 2021 CKM Hall of Fame Info (click on pic to listen)

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Episode 8 - Winter Sports Recaps - Coach Jeff Ota - Important LionFest Update (click on pic to listen)


Episode 6 - Fall Recap - Winter Updates - LionFest Info (click on pic to listen)


Episode 5 - Tennis Playoffs - Football Recap - LionFest Info (click on pic to listen)

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Episode 4 - Coach Rohit Sharma - Homecoming - Coach Hom & Women's Tennis

(click on trophy to listen)

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After a short summer break, the 3rd episode of our Official Podcast is LIVE!

Episode 3 -- Basketball & Volleyball 

Hosted by Skye Dickenson

Guests: Coach Jeff Ota & Coach Cory Houle

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2nd episode of our Official Podcast is LIVE!

Episode 2 -- Softball & Baseball

Hosted by Skye Dickenson

Guests: Coach Chris Abar & Metro Player of the Year Theo Dopkins   


The Day has Arrived... Our Official Podcast is LIVE!

Episode 1 -- Track & Tennis

Hosted by Skye Dickenson

Guests: Coach Rohit Sharma, Coach Willard Hom & Coach Rob Feickert