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Restore the Roar – September 20, 2020


Hello, CKM Community!


We are now a full six months into total-pause-mode on CKM Athletics – a break the size of which the school has never experienced in our illustrious and diverse history, dating back to the 1930s. Recently, we gained some clarity regarding how and when things will return to normal. Our staff, students, student athletes and parents have responded tremendously well in the face of unprecedented circumstances.


Two things are currently of the utmost importance to us.


The first is ensuring the safety of student athletes when high school sports resume.


The second is resuming high school sports as soon as possible. These two concepts go hand-in-hand, as the typical student athlete has a deep desire to play the sports they have been pouring their time, energy and passion into for the majority of their lives. Everyone involved in the McClatchy community wants to make sure the campus population is as safe and protected as possible.


The California Interscholastic Federation released a revised and modified schedule for the 2020-21 High School Sports season that will essentially condense what annually unfolds over the course of 10 months into a span of about 5 1/2 months. It will be uncharted waters, and scheduling could be challenging. But an upbeat, positive outlook is totally appropriate given that CKM students and the community have continuously met challenges with calmness, grace and a steadfast focus on doing what needs to be done to safely continue the things we know and love the most.


When high school sports resume in mid-December, it will represent the Fall Season. What is typically the Winter Sports campaign will be shifted to the spring, and the Spring Sports Schedule will be condensed into the final months and weeks of the school year.


Make no mistake – CKM Lions coaches, parents and players will do what it takes to put the squads in a position to represent with our signature Lion Pride. The successes common to our proud public school that competes on a state-level will continue.    


We thank you for taking the time to get updated, and we eagerly look forward to when all can gather in person again to watch some of the best high school sports in the region. Go Lions!     



 -Skye Dickenson

    Restore the Roar Head of Media  

If fans are not allowed at games when play resumes, Restore the Roar will continue to  be the eyes and ears of CKM Athletics #GoLions

CIF Announces Modified 2020-21 High School Sports Schedule


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